First Home Improvements – Scary As Well As Fulfilling Memory

When last autumn, we moved to our newly bought house, the anxiety and stress were killing. Spending sleepless nights, counting to the last penny, negotiating with movers and packers, and then unpacking- all these taught us the ugly truths of life. Luckily, my surfing the net-space saved me this time as I got tons of information about first home improvements or more specifically, home improvements projects and tips for the first-time buyers. So once the pain of home remodeling was done, I embarked upon the mission of improving the interior of my home and in comparison to remodeling, it was far easier and stress-free. I got lots of useful tips about DIY projects, online home improvement catalogs and coupons, estimated costs of painting, flooring etc. and on the ways I can save money without compromising with the quality. In the end, there is no doubt that my first home improvements project forced me to act and think like a mature adult in the quickest way possible, but I also realized that some extra powers are needed to tackle the humongous task of home improvements.

Two Things I Learned During My Home Improvement Project

  • Striking a right balance between present and future is of utmost important

The pundits may put emphasis repeatedly over the importance of resale value of your house and doing ‘this and that’ to make your home a desirable, secured future investment. But most of the time, we forego the joy of living in the present for mulling over the future. So we went ahead bravely with the landscaping of our house keeping the proverb in mind that ‘you live only once’. I wanted to have a certain type of shrubbery in my garden and pretty flower trees that should be placed in equal distances to the both sides of the main entryway. It didn’t bother me at all that my neighbors didn’t seem to care for gardening much. I listened to my heart and spent a part of our mutual savings on buying exotic plants.

  • Don’t rush into any implementation

When we thought about what we should do about our home improvements project before it actually took place, we listed down lots of things. But as always, money was the biggest constraint and so we decided to- start living in the bare minimalistic house and then adding features with the course of time. Surprisingly once we started living, we began to see clearly what our necessities were and what the essentials were. Obviously we were not going to compromise on our collective dreams but waiting taught us to re-assess all our current needs and those which can wait. It added bonus that our co-operative realtor showed us some methods that were low-on-cost and no-maintenance to redo our kitchen and bathroom.

Dual Home Improvements That We Did First

  • Lighting

Our friendly realtor unleashed some trade secrets of how clever usage of lighting can add space and character to a small room. With his gentle prodding and tips in mind, we replaced old bulbs with brighter ones and did some simple fixture by doing a quick research in the internet. The result was I must say, amazing with a capital A.

  • Painting

As a family, we are high on DIY projects and what can be more beautiful DIY project than painting your own home, with the help of friends and well-wishers during the weekend?


First home improvements can be nerve-wracking as well as a fulfilling journey- depending on what points you like to look at it. The secret always lies in planning meticulously and well-ahead and keeping your cool while doing so.

Online Home Décor Services Are Helpful In Learning Home Decorating Arts

I met with one of my old school friend after several years; now I’m a well settled person, but I really felt bad when I found that john was jobless; he was known to be a talented guy in the class, as he could draw amazing portrait and even superb landscapes. Utilizing his talent he once drew a superb painting on the wall of the classroom, hence I suggested him to try his hand in interior designing.

How Online Home Decorating Service Became Helpful To A Person

Interior designing is not all about room painting, to become an expert in interior designing one needs to learn many more arts. That’s why I suggested him to follow the online home decorating services. As they share amazing ideas as well as help to learn the proper way of lighting different rooms and they also offered different home decorating equipments and even helping hands to help in designing. Following their steps within few days he learned many techniques and he used to show me demo which he created.

How First Home Improvements Changed The Path Of Someone’ Life

I gave him the scope of his first home improvements, and he decorated my house better than I expected from him. From that time he got many offers of home improvements but I can proudly say that I am the first one who helped him in emerging his hidden talents.

Experience Of My First Home Improvement

Inexpensive Way Of Home Decorating

Few days ago my parents appointed a well known interior designer to remodel our house, and it costs them thousands of dollars. But I really did not like the design of my room and bathroom. I was unhappy with the color patterns and with those lame home decorating equipments. But I restrained myself from complaining to them as I knew how much they have spent behind our first home improvements. And I did not want to waste more money in home designing. I decided that I will change the decoration of the room myself by taking ideas from online service.

How Home Improvements Service Helps Me?

Hence I started to search in the internet for various designs; I got superb ideas from online home improvements ideas, I was lost in the world of amazing designs. Then I decided to choose that forms which will display my personality. Footballers are worshipped by me; hence I took a cardboard and attached jersey of several football teams, especially of those footballers whom I admired the most. There is no shame to admit that I took that idea from home improvement services; I just twisted it a little bit. They showed each and every step in videos and following those illustrations I got lots of appreciation for my first home improvements.

How I Come To Know About Home Improvement Service?

My First Introduction With Home Decorating Service

Edward is my classmate, he is an excellent story writer and for this reason he is quite popular in the class. But until I visited his home I did not know that he has many other hidden talents as well. In short I can say his room is a hub of designed and smart furniture. The curtains, walls, windows every place is well fabricated. At first I thought that it was designed by any interior designer but then he revealed that all were designed by him, and he gained the ideas from online home improvement sites. He was inclined towards home decoration from childhood; at first he used to spend times in garage to make things with wasted stuffs. With that he first renovated the garage. He had done his first home improvements when he was 17 years old.

How Online Home Improvements Services Change My Notions On Home Improvements?

I was really impressed by his works and taking inspirations from him I started investing my time in home improvements instead of roaming around with friends; as demonstrated by him I borrowed designs from online sites. And slowly took my steps towards my first home improvements.

How I Remodeled An Old House Through The Help Of Online Services?

From the very first day of my job I was eagerly waiting for that day, the day in which I will be promoted as a senior chair person of the office. I worked efficiently for 3 years and after that I got that mail that declared me as an area manager. I was boosted up instantly in happiness but all of my happiness deemed as I learned that I have to shift in other town for unspecified years. Before I shifted to that town I tried to arrange a rented room through online advertisements. But the rental fees were cloud kissing in that area, hence I contacted with a tout of that area that whether he could arrange a small house for me in affordable prices.

Remodeling An Old House

Within few days he informed me about an old house in that area which completely fitted into my budget, as some of the parts of the house were in wrecked situations. But I calculated that it can be the best buy as I already had knowledge about online home improvements services that helped in affordable home renovation. Without a second thought I visited that houses and bought it; one thing I observed that rooms were small and there was no adequate place as well.

What Is The Necessity Of Online Home Improvement Service?

Before shifted to that house I planned for a complete renovation of that place, but instead of taking help from an interior designer I chose to do it own self. And by this I was trying my hand in my first home improvements. Hence I started to search for ideas and designs in the internet. I visited online home decor stores for equipments. These online services lend ideas as well as essential products for house remodeling and building. They also provide designs for furnishing old stairs, old ventilating paths, following their ideas I made store room under the stairs. Some local workers helped me in accomplishing my first home improvements.